Adobe’s New Live streaming Function: A New Dimension To Its Creativity

live streaming

According to a report by The Verge, very soon artists will be able to conduct live streaming with whatever Adobe Creative Cloud App they are working on. This will eliminate the interference of third-party platforms like Twitch and YouTube. 

This is said to be one of the numerous new features the company announced earlier this week during the Adobe’s Max Creative world conference. This included some creative demo videos from them which showcased how artificial intelligence is changing the word of creativity. This new Adobe live streaming function is tailored to be just like other platforms we already know of: once you are ready to conduct live chat or live streaming, just click the ‘go-live’ button. You will then receive a link which you can share to people who would then be able to join you live and be able to leave comments. Based on The Verge report, Scott Belsky , the chief product officer even compared this new function to Twitch directly and even claims that it has more practical demonstrations. 

According to the chief product officer, once you see videos from these live streams you would definitely want to know what tools are being used to perform them. This is because, according to Scott Belsky, with this new live streaming function, you will be able to source all the livestream videos that have been done on a particular keyword, product or anything of interest.

Designers often say that they learn by sitting close to fellow designers and not really by going to design schools. This is exactly what Adobe wants to enable with this new feature. With other live streaming platforms, artists would just perform videos to score a single point. So you might just be able to get one stuff at a time. But with the new Adobe live stream function you can source all the livestream videos on a particular product from a particular artist and have them all at once. 

Another added advantage is that artists can take real-time questions from viewers in the middle of their live streams. Also, freelancers can communicate directly on live streams with their clients and provide real-time solutions and instant feedback. This would also be a great bonus to the Adobe brand. They would definitely come out of it viral!

The beta testing of this product is already enabled with a few Adobe Fresco ( Adobe’s artificial intelligence powered illustration and painting app for tablets ) which was released earlier this year. There is no information yet on how the company plans to incorporate more users into this new function.

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