Amazing Emerging Technologies That Threaten To Change Our Lives Forever

7 Amazing Emerging Technologies That Threaten To Change Our Lives Forever


drones technology

With drones more tasks can be automated. They act with robotic intelligence. Also, drones do not operate under limited geographical accessibility. This technology can also be explored remotely and simulated in businesses.

Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR)

Artificial intelligence, VR and AR work in hand with sensor technologies and mixed reality. When fully deployed they can help companies maximize operational cost. They can also help in increasing productivity and efficiency of processes. It will equally increase individual output from employees.

3D printing

Obviously, the opportunities for the expansion of this industry is endless. With three dimension printing, complicated parts can be developed in larger volumes. It would also encouraged the local development of products that are not easy to come by. This would also increase the affordability of more products. 


Biometrics include fingerprints, face and retina scans. These have become the more readily used means for identity verification. In the near future these technologies would definitely form the basis of security outfits outfits by IT companies. This is based on a CompTIA report.


robotic technology

This technology makes businesses faster. It involves the use of routines that have been automated. It makes industry operational processes more efficient and also less expensive to run.

Serveless computing

Serverless computing would make the implementation of a computing environment that gives no room for breaks in transmission a possibility. With these kind of computing, the hidden infrastructure that interconnects communities of computers would be absent. 

Nevertheless, efficiency would not be hampered. That is the advantage. This would save cost and businesses can re-invest their capital for expansion purposes.

Serveless computing is a relatively a newer idea. Also, robotics and automated computing.

5G Technology

5g technology

According to a CompTIA report, the emergence of the 5G technology has the ability and power to change how we manipulate, move and implement data across different platforms. With the speedy development and deployment of 5G technology in the near future.

This technology would create complex apps and systems that would solve complicated problems efficiently. It would provide solutions for businesses at a speed never before imagined. It would also provide the kind of latency that would make driverless vehicles a possibility. 

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