Apple And Android Finalize Plans For Contact Tracing In 2020

Apple And Android Finalize Plans For Contact Tracing In 2020

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic seems to have brought uncommon people together. This could be said to have been the case when Google and Apple came all out to surprise the whole world by claiming to be working together in developing an API that would help keep track of the spread of the COVID-19. 

Apple And Android

These APIs work by enabling the development of digital apps that could track the virus. Known as Exposure Notifications, this long-awaited novel contact tracing application has been unveiled to the public. They can now be assessed in Android and iOS operating systems.

You Can Now Access Google and Apple’s Contact Tracing App

Contact Tracing app
What exactly does the API entail?

With the use of the API governments, interested persons and developers can now create apps that have the ability to keep track of contacts made by suspected carriers of the virus. The API also comes with the feature of alerting people who are potentially at risk of the virus as a result of haven been exposed or in touch with carriers. 

With the use of Bluetooth the API is able to keep track of devices that have come close enough within a specified distance. It works automatically and is activated once the specified limit of social distancing is breached.

Contact Tracing

Although the fact that it is incorporated into Android and iOS is supposed to make its acceptability much wider, the two corporations have stressed that adopting it or activating it is solely dependent on the choice of the end user or consumer. That is to say that even if you are tested positive, your information may not be shared without your permission. 

This privacy feature is necessary to safeguard users. If the affected person should reject the use of their data the entire system would be hampered. Nevertheless, the good intentions of these two great tech gurus should be well-received. This is due to the fact that they offer a system with an optimal functionality, all the same. 

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