Awesome Apps for Workout and Keeping Fit

Apps for Workout

3 Awesome Apps for Workout and Keeping Fit in 2020 for Both iOS and Android

Looking good they say is good business. So, also is keeping fit. Fitness aids blood flow and good health. It became imperative for us to handpick these awesome apps. This is due to the fact that many people cannot visit the gym due to the lockdown.

With these apps you can implement flexible workout routines. These apps can eventually prove to be very instrumental in helping you reach your body build goals. 

3 Awesome Apps for Workout and Keeping Fit 

1. Nike training club

The Nike Training Club is definitely a great app to begin with. In order to work yourself into the desired shape, you can leverage on the over 180 workout routines that come with this app. 

This app could really be of great help to you in this lockdown. All you need to do is to get a pair of Bluetooth and activate your favorite playlist. Follow the instructions given by the app strictly and you would never regret you did.

2. 30 days Ab challenge

This app could be of great help in reactivating youy flare for a workout if you have been off for a long time. This particular app comes with a lot of different interesting workout challenges. 

This app is really wonderful. The app with start you off with easier and simpler to follow workouts. As the month progresses you are faced with tougher challenges. 

You can start with simple routines like planks, sit-ups and leg raises. With time it becomes easier for you to get in the groove. Eventually, you begin to meet your fitness targets.

3. Simply Yoga

Just like the name sounds, it’s quite simple. That is because it’s Simply Yoga. Your routine does not always have to be so strenuous, after all. You can start with simple running schedules, breathing workouts and even posture fitnesses. 

The app is incredibly easy to use with a personal trainer to guide you. You can choose to go through your yoga processes in 20,40 or 60 minutes workout times. You simply set this as desired. 

Since the complete list is endless, we decided to painstakingly pick these three. What is more? The free versions of these apps are really awesome. The paid versions could be even more fun but we would ask you to start with the free versions this lockdown.

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