Ban On Huawei Extended To May 2021

Ban On Huawei Extended To May 2021 By President Donald Trump

Obviously, the last has not yet been heard in the case between the White House and Huawei.

It has been gathered that President Donald Trump has further extended his ban on citizens engaging in business or purchases with companies deemed national security threats. This ban has been extended to May 2021.

Though the ban does not openly target any particular company, it has been observed that such bans have been used to severe business relations between US citizens and some Chinese companies. Such Chinese companies affected include ZTE and Huawei. 

It has become common knowledge that these companies can no longer engage in the business of selling their products within the United States. Also, they may not work with ARM or Google to solve issues related to softwares and licenses anymore. 

It may be recalled that several months ago, the president Donald Trump came up with a certain executive order which restricted purchases of critical telecommunication equipment from some blacklisted vendors. These mostly included foreign-madw equipment that were considered as threats to the national security of the United States of America.

This executive order gives the Secretary of commerce powers to determine which services may constitute security threats to the nation. However, the order did not specifically point at any company. Yet, this executive order is seen as being targeted at Huawei. This is likely the case owing to the fact that this Chinese-baaed company has been identified by lawmakers as a threat to national security. 

Nonetheless, this ban has not yet fully come into enforcement ever since its promulgation about a year ago. The company has reportedly gotten some temporary licenses which allows it to update the softwares in its hardware that are already in use in the US. Unfortunately, the company is unable to work with other networks like Google in the development of newer devices.

Huawei had received extensions on its ban in May, August and November. With the current 45-day extension coming to an end on the 15th of May, it is unclear whether the temporary license granted the company from the United States Commerce Department will be extended.

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