China To Retaliate US Over Huawei Ban

China To Retaliate US Over Huawei Ban

As reported, China in its latest actions is ready to target some United States establishments in retaliation over US ban on Huawei. Some of these US establishments include Cisco, Boeing, Apple and Qualcomm. 

This is coming in response to concluded plans by the US to ban the shipment of semiconductors to a telecommunication firm belonging to China, Huawei. Some of these counter measures would include putting US companies on an ‘unreliable entity list’. 

It would also include launching full-fletched investigations and putting restrictions on some United States companies including Apple Incorporated. Again, according to the Global Times, a source close to the Chinese government says China would prevent purchase of airplanes from Boeing. 

China To Retaliate US

Based on information provided by the Chinese source to Global Times in an exclusive interview China would take every necessary forceful counter measure to protect it’s on legitimate rights. This would be if US continues with its plan to prevent the supply of essential chips from TSMC, which is based in Taiwan, to Chinese tech giants, Huawei, or any other Chinese telecom companies.

The measures would also include subjecting United States related companies to investigations based on Chinese Laws. This plan would see big names like Cisco, Qualcomm and Apple being subjected to investigations based on the Chinese Cybersecurity Review Measures and Anti-monopoly law. It would include preventing the purchase of airplanes from Boeing. Coincidentally, all these United States big names are highly dependent on markets from China.

According to the Chinese ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), Chinese government would release a list which would target some foreign companies that undermine the legitimate interest of Chinese-owned or Chinese-related businesses.

China To Retaliate US

In a press conference held in 2019 by Gao Feng, MOFCOM spokesman, this unreliable list would target foreign organizations, businesses, companies and individuals who intentionally block supply chains against Chinese-related businesses or take discriminatory measures to hamper the growth of businesses owned by Chinese companies. 

Any company that endangers or potentially endangers China’s national security would be included. Also, foreign companies that overtly or potentially inflict damages on companies or industries owned or related to China would equally be included in the list.

The dangers of this sanction would mean seriously legal and administrative investigations into the blacklisted companies. The Chinese general public would also be discouraged and prevented from engaging in businesses or dealing with these blacklisted companies.

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