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Due to competitions being faced from another video conferencing service Zoom, Google on Wednesday made it’s video conferencing service free to all users. Owing to the scourge of the pandemic people now gather online to stay abreast of what is happening. Google Meet which had previously been an exclusive reserve and privilege for customers who had subscribed to the Google premium G suite for businesses has now been opened to the public.

As reported by AFP, G Suite Vice President,Javier Soltaro, Google Meet will now be available to people from all walks of life all over the world. This is to make it possible for people to communicate effectively. It will also enable people to collaborate and stay in touch in this Coronavirus pandemic period. 

Google made a boast of its security features and how reliable Meet would be for businesses. There also made allusion to its foundation in Google computing cloud.

The use of video conferencing has been on the rise due to the Lockdown imposed as a result of the pandemic being faced by the world currently. People now struggle to stay in touch, work and even learn online.

This has increased to use of Zoom, a video conferencing service. But Zoom has been marred by security issues such as hacking and crashing of video sessions by unscrupulous elements.

To use Google Meet people will have to create free Gmail accounts. The video conferencing service will have a 60-minutes cap. This will come into force by September according to the company’s reports.

According to a Google blog post, the company claims to have invested years into making Google Meet a video conferencing solution which is secure and reliable and which can be trusted by schools, government and businesses all over the world.

Google will make this free service available to more people in the weeks to come. According to Google, about 6 million people which include big businesses, warehouses, banks and hospitals who have been using G suite software tools already have access to Google Meet video conferencing service.

Obviously, this decision may have been informed by the fact that Google parent firm Alphabet has reported huge increases in gains in the past weeks. This is based largely on its efforts to make more of their services available to people facing the pandemic adversely. 

So, making Google meet available to more people, especially in this pandemic period,would equally increase their fortunes.

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