11 Year Old Jumps From High Building To Imitate PUBG Parachute

11 Year Old Jumps From High Building To Imitate PUBG Parachute

In an attempt to imitate PUBG Mobile’s Parachute Drop, an 11 year old boy, together with his sister, has jumped from the top of a building. 

In reaction to the ugly development, the parents of the kids have resolved to sue the ‘Game For Peace’, also known as PUBG Mobile’, publisher in China. 

This incident took place in Handan, a city in northern China. The 11 year old boy together with his 9 year old younger sister jumped off from a 15 meters high 5 storey building. 

They believed that they would ‘come back to life’. This is in imitation of a feature attainable in the mobile game that they were both engaged in.


The parents of the children noted that of recent, the kids have come to engage themselves excessively with video games. This has become the norm especially in the coronavirus lockdown period. 

The children have been said to be very much engaged in the ‘Game For Peace’ which is the Chinese version of the PUBG Mobile (the ‘Game For Peace’ has large cuts on blood contents and violence). They were also both engaged with Mini World, another game which looks like Minecraft. 

The boy and his sister jumped with the intention of knowing whether they could fly or come back to life just like they would in the games they played. The boy was very likely referring to the Parachute Drop in PUBG Mobile. 

Unfortunately, neither the boy nor his sister had anything that bore any resemblance to a parachute to keep them afloat. It was also learned that no matter how many times you fall in the Mini World game, you would always resurrect even without a fail.

It was a very sad scene when the parents met their children lying on the street. Of course the children sustained various degrees of injuries. They had a actually fractured their bones. Nevertheless, their parents were grateful that the children had even survived the incident. 

The children went through surgeries that were sponsored by relatives and through internet crowd funding. The reason for them jumping was also made known in the hospital. Their parents are now planning to go to court for compensation from the developers of these games.

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