Instagram Finally Launching New Features In 2020

instagram new features
Instagram Finally Launching New Features In 2020

Actually Instagram is rolling out a new feature that would enable artists to share their music. 

Instagram has not failed to amaze us with its augmented reality effects. One of such AR-creation tools is the Spark AR. With the Spark AR, people can create effects in reaction to musical contents. A creator who wants to add effects has the option to import from their gallery, their own songs. 

However, they must own the rights to such music. On the other hand, they can equally choose a song from Instagram music library. It is understood that Instagram pays licensing fee for these songs. Some of these songs include popular ones. You can then sync the effects to the song you have picked. As a way of heralding this new effect, Ellie Goulding used the effect with a new song.

Are There Other Features?
instagram launches new features

There is equally another feature that comes with this new update. This is the ‘media library effect’. With this you can equally apply the effects to videos or photos in your phone gallery. This is an improvement over what is obtainable now. For now you can only apply effects while filming. 

Matt Roberts is the product manager of Spark AR. He says that the plan is to give creators an opportunity to explore their creativity. Instagram would then provide a platform to share these creative ways with an avid audience. This explains why they keep bringing up new features and tools. 

Is Instagram In Love With New Features?
instagram laumches new features

Earlier on the company had released AR stickers. These stickers came with an innovative way to include effects in users profiles. They equally included a lot of new effects in their effects gallery. There is also another known as ‘gallery picker’. With the ‘gallery picker’, videos and photos from phone gallery can be included on Instagram contents. 

TikTok seems to have copied a few things from Instagram in the past. This time around Instagram seems to have equally done the same with TikTok. This can be seen in the Instagram gallery picker effect. This effect mirrors a meme feature that can be seen in TikTok. But when asked, Instagram’s Matt Roberts insisted that they were more interested in producing effects that can be shared on other platforms.

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