Is TikTok Going Down Soon

Is TikTok Going Down Soon?

The TikTok video sharing app has enjoyed tremendous success in all places. Unfortunately, this does not go down well with a lot of United States lawmakers. 

All over the world, TikTok has come to gain a lot of love and even addiction from a lot of different people. Obviously, this accounts for it being downloaded over 1.5 billion times all over the world. In a report by Sensor Tower, the app has also been downloaded over 122 million times in the United States alone. It is said to be one of the fastest growing applications to have ever been developed. In another report by Axios, the app is said to be more popular than Facebook among 13 to 16 year olds. 


How does that sound? Great! Right? Unfortunately, that is also the cause for some people’s angst!

According to Jack Nicas, Silicon Valley have been head over heels struggling to develop an app that functions exactly like it. This has met with little or no success. For this, TikTok has attracted strong disliking from Silicon Valley developers due to the fact that TikTok is dominating a potential market for them.

It would be recalled that Facebook equally created Lasso as a clone of the app. Unfortunately, Lasso has not been downloaded even up to five hundred thousand times. YouTube has also been in a heated battle to replicate its features. Google has also been in the bargaining market for the acquisition of Firework which looks exactly like TikTok. 

A lot of dust has also been raised in the United States by the fact that this overwhelming app is owned by a Chinese. This prompted the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States to create an Inquisition into perceived national security issues from this Chinese ingenuity. It would be recalled that a Chinese company known as ByteDance acquired, which later metamorphosed into TikTok, in the recent past. 

In some quarters in the United States there have been allegations that this Chinese acquisition censors information and content that does not support the Chinese Communist Party. This allegation has been debunked by the TikTok management. Whichever way, we hope that the dust settles soon enough for the company. Especially as these allegations have been made in high-profile quarters like the New York Times. Even Florida Republican senator, Marco Rubio shares the same thought.

Whatever the case may be, people all over the world earnestly pray that TikTok doesn’t go down soon.

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