LinkedIn New Chat Features

LinkedIn New Chat Features.

People often complain that LinkedIn messaging options looked more like emails. Well, that has become a story for the past as LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature. LinkedIn has implemented a new mobile messaging user interface. 

It has been observed that due to the coronavirus lockdown, employees are now sending messages across to their employers and other counterparts more regularly. This, however, is now happening very often LinkedIn. This is largely because the network is a career-oriented platforms. 

Based on reports from the company, there had been a 14 percent increase on the number of messages sent in the first week of April. Also, messages between co-workers had increased by a reported 8%. 

According to a LinkedIn senior products director, Chris Szeto, the social network is more of platform with career-related friends who are trying to give and get help from one another. 

It seems workers are now sharing relevant articles across to coworkers. They could also be sharing more work related messages especially as many are now working from home. Some could be sharing complaints over losing their jobs or means of livelihood due to the pandemic. 

What workers are messaging on is not exactly very clear. This is especially so since LinkedIn cannot read end-to-end messages. Workers could also be sharing messages and thoughts on the covid-19. 

Is the sudden switch beneficial?

With the sudden switch from email-style to instant messaging options, messages have become shorter and subject lines,more out-of-style. Generally,this bodes well for the product as more users would now find it more fun to deal with.

With messaging on the increase by the day you today hope your situation LinkedIn stands to gain more. This is because recently LinkedIn rolled out new features that would make the chat options more interesting. So, this sudden switch would be of a great value since the chat options are becoming more useful.

In times past, the network’s chatting options looked more like an email messaging interface. However, with the sudden increase in end-to-end messaging across the platform, the product has been built to offer more friendliness around instant message options. 

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