Microsoft Replaces Workers With AI in 2020

Microsoft Replaces Workers With AI

Microsoft News and MSN are rapidly being managed with robots. Consequently, some editorial staff and MSN organization journalists are being relieved of their duties. This is as a result of plans by Microsoft to employ the use of artificial intelligence machines to select news stories from

These AI machines would be used to select contents from Microsoft Edge browser and also from Microsoft News Apps. The people that are mostly affected are workers who are employed to pick news stories. Many of them operate in the Microsoft SANE ( search, ads, News and Edge) sections.


However, a spokesman from the company insisted that the decision was not influenced by the current coronavirus pandemic. Rather, it was as a result of an evaluation on the continued mode of operation of the company. According to the spokesman, these evaluations could result in more investments or change in tactics or pattern. 

Microsoft claims that the move is not affected by the pandemic. Nevertheless, it has been observed that globally advertising revenues have plummeted in this period. As a result of this, media houses are now struggling to find a footing. 

How about the US and the UK?


According to reports by the Business Inside, about 50 jobs have been affected in the United States. These layoffs were first reported on Friday. These job cuts are also being experienced elsewhere internationally. According to news reports from The Guardian, about 27 jobs have been lost in the United Kingdom. This is as a result of Microsoft News relying on AI to pick news stories for their homepages.

It can be recalled that Microsoft has been disseminating news for over twenty five years. MSN came into operation as far back as 1995. Microsoft News was inaugurated about 2 years ago. At the launching occasion, the company announced that they had over 800 human editors working from about 50 different locations worldwide.

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