Most Amazing To-do List Apps

The 3 Most Amazing To-do List Apps On The Internet Right Now.

It is increasingly becoming important to have an efficient task manager. We have painstakingly come up with reliable list of to-do apps that could serve this purpose. Some are quite easy to use and even free.

There has been an explosion of to-do list apps on the internet now. While you can even find remarkable systems that can manage projects,some are just simply keep track of your planned tasks. 

We came up with a list of clever to-do list apps that are not very well-known. Now that you have more time to spend at home due to the pandemic,we thought it would be good to have an effective task management assistant .

1. Checklist

This to-do list app is absolutely free, very simple to use and also easy to share. The free version of it is exquisite and includes many features at no cost. 

Aside from being free, simple and shareable, with Checklist you can generate templates as a user for just about anything. Whether you would be going to the barbershop in the morning or trimming the flowers in the evening, you can create templates for every plan. 

Checklist in this free form is incredible. Yet, there is also a paid version for use as a team.

2. Teux Deux 
Amazing To-do List

how about having a to-do list app that functions almost like a paper list. With Teux Deux, you can create a to-do list and cross them out as each task is accomplished. With this app it is easy to create tasks for each day including burden some grocery plans. You simply cross each off once they are completed.

This to-do list app is also blessed with other interesting features like voice-to-text and all the functionality that make it all the more fun to use. The paid subscription package starts with $2 or $3 every month. There is also a 30-day free trial period. 

3. Memorigi
to do apps

This well crafted to-do list app offers simple but beautiful features. It has a better simple design but is very solid in its build. It gives Android users a daily summary of their to do list. It further incorporates a calendar into its summary. It can be navigate with very simple but smart gestures.

There are numerous features in the free version but the premium version comes with a Google Calendar. It equally comes with a task sharing option and weather features. There is an amazing ‘node mode’ which keeps disturbing you until you get the task done. 

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