Powerful Settings Optimization Tricks For Your Phone

mobile optimization tricks

We came up with a few very powerful and often overlooked settings optimization tricks for your mobile phone. Have a nice reading!

1) Battery charging optimization trick

We live in a disposable society and odds are that soon enough your mobile phone battery would begin to deteriorate. There is a trick that makes iOS and iPadOS to keep your battery healthier for long. This smart charging trick when enabled will work with records of your manner of usage. All you need to do is Open Settings, locate Battery and then Battery Health. There you will find the required Optimize Battery Charging. Toggle switch.

battery optimization tricks

2) Optimization for auto-responses when driving

When you have your phone on the Do Not Disturb mode, there is a great feature which allows you to send messages already set beforehand while you are driving on the highway or at high speed. This message sends automatically. In order to set this, head over to Settings. Choose Do Not Disturb and then move further down to Do Not Disturb While Driving. Here you can set any message that suits you. 

3) Optimization to have your messages read to you by Siri

If you have this Settings turned on then you would have your messages intercepted and read out to you by a female voice. Also, when you have connected airpods or headphones to your iPads and iPhones. Simply go to Settings. Select Notifications. Then click Announce Messages with Siri. With this you will have Siri read out your incoming messages to you without unlocking your gadget. You also have the option to reply with your voice if set. 

4) Optimization to use a slideshow as wallpaper

wallpaper optimization tricks

With this setting you can overcome the boredom experienced from merely watching one image on the background all the time. You can then have different images displaying at their own pace while taking your rest from having to change the images manually. Just go to Settings and select Personalization and Background. When you open the menu on the Background you will see an option to choose Slideshow. You will then be presented with an option to select different images to use in a folder that forms a slideshow.

5) Optimization to use screen protector on Android

optimization for screen protector tricks

There is a feature on Android which increases the sensitivity when you decide to use a screen guard or screen protector on the original screen display of your Android smartphone. Using a screen protector may not make any difference on many smartphones. If it does,there are ways to tweak it to your advantage. Go to Settings and open Display. Look for Advanced Settings and then select Increase Touch Sensitivity. Toggle switch.

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