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blood pressure check

According to a cardiologist in Duke University, Ann Marie Navar, it would be a great advantage if a lot of people wearing wrist watches are able to easily check their blood pressure. This is so for two reasons. First, a technology like this could allow patients to understand their blood pressure levels between doctor’s appointments. Again, it would be of great help for researchers to better understand the relationship between blood pressure levels and human health.

The Samsung company claims to have produced a new wrist watch which can measure blood pressure. This new Samsung wrist watch has already gained acceptance in South Korea. If the claims are anything to go by then it would be a great advancement to the advantage of both doctors and consumers.

But then how effective could this device be?

Is there more to be expected?

Do We Need To See More?

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Based on details gotten from a psychophysiologist at the University of California, San Francisco, Wendy Mendes, who contributed a lot to the development of the device, it appears that the device would use an optical sensor to read blood pressure. This would involve the use of a scientific technique known as photoplethysmography ( PPG ). These are, more or less, speculations, though, as the company has remained vague and very thrifty with details. 

This feature is not entirely alien to them, anyway. It has been around with the Samsung Galaxy S9. When your fingerprints are used on the Samsung Galaxy S9, there are optical sensors that focus light on to the tissue of your fingerprints. With this the measure of light given back is gotten. This measure of reflected light which is detected is directly related to changes in blood volume in the tissues of the fingerprints.This detected information would then be sent to the Samsung My BP lab app. A complex proprietary algorithm, which is a picture of this app, makes it possible to estimate blood pressure.

PPG on its own may not be entirely very accurate in measuring blood pressure. This is because it only takes note of changes in blood pressure without actually giving any particular value. To make up for this short-coming, users can calibrate the watches in order to be able to compare them with exact blood pressure readings from a health professional.

blood pressure check

In measuring blood pressure, doctors use a medical technique to cut off blood flow and take measurements at the point where the blood begins to flow again. This air-tight technique is more acceptable, technically and medically, than a PPG. Nevertheless, PPG could still be a great technological advancement if properly and medically reviewed.

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