Selling Secrets For A Successful Live-stream Session


Selling Secrets For A Successful Live-stream Session

As the world continues to face the COVID-19 global enemy, live-streams are beginning to make their full impacts. This has seen the newly launched LinkedIn Live coming in with full force. 

With the interactive sessions, big multinational companies, startups and big industry players are bringing together audience who share a common interest to introduce new products. 

These sessions are equally important for providing customer support, discussing global trends and innovative ways of doing business.

Livestreams brings the audience into the equation and makes them feel as part of the success story. In view of this, hosting a successful livestream session has become an important topic. Here are a few important tips to start wiwith.

1.Before going live
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If you are a big organization or brand, it would be necessary to run some kind of promotion before the D-Day. This would go a long way in attracting the right people and increasing viewership.

2. Promoting the intended live-stream

Social media would be of great help in promoting the intended live stream session. Update your followers on your social media handles on the planned live session. By this you can encourage them to stay tuned and follow the live stream.

You should also explore other options of interaction with your audience. These can include emails, blogposts, webinars and newsletters. If explored, these avenues can help boost impact and viewership. 

3. Create a hashtag

Creating and using a unique and relevant hashtag would be effective in capturing the interest and attention of your intended audience. it would also be memorable to include these hashtags in your pre-video promotional posts and events. 

4. Leverage on your network

If you work with partners, employees and other executives, you can have been shared your promotional posts to increase coverage. You should also remind them to use the relevant hashtags created.

5. Plan the live stream to last for at least 15 minutes
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Live streams are important and intended to interact and encourage audience and followers in real time. Consequently, it is important to make room for those who mayl not join at the beginning. Stream for at least 15 minutes to give room for more audience to join before sharing important updates. 

It is very likely that viewership would build up with time. So, in order not to short-circuit or limit your reach, undertake longer lasting live streams.

6. Engage the audience

The major selling secret and success of live streams over prerecorded videos is the ability to interact in real time with the audience and viewership. 

It is, therefore, imperative to encourage your audience to participate. This would make them feel as part of the success story. Entertain questions from the audience and provide answers in the live stream or in the comment section

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