Test For Coronavirus Antibodies:All You Need To Know

covid-19 antibodies

It is becoming increasingly easier to test for Coronavirus antibodies. Unfortunately, not much can be done with the results of these tests as at now.

The results from the test for Covid-19 antibodies could provide a pathway towards reopening various economies of the world. Antibody tests help to reveal whether someone has been exposed to a new virus or disease. This is because once a new disease is detected in the body the immune system produce antibodies as a reaction against this new visitor.

Does having antibodies make one immune?

Coronavirus antibodies

If the Coronavirus gets into the body antibodies would be produced against it. The test for the presence of these antibodies could reveal whether one has been exposed to coronavirus. Regrettably, Coronavirus antibodies could take weeks and even about 14 days to form. Hence, the absence of these antibodies may not mean that one has not been exposed to the virus.

All the same, even if the body produces antibodies against this novel virus it does not do mean that one has become immune to covid-19. Although, as with other viruses, the presence of antibodies could mean some level of protection from a disease. This is not yet proven in the case of the covid-19 virus.

How accurate are these tests?

Coronavirus antibodies

The World Health has cited some instances of inaccurate test results and advised against relying on such results for any meaningful decision. 

In 14 Coronavirus antibody tests conducted last week only three returned accurate results. Some of the tests returned false positive results for people who did not even have the virus. This could be the case when the test identifies antibodies for similar viruses that are not SARS-CoV-2.

Is it important to go for Covid-19 antibody test?

It is important to point out that Covid-19 antibody test is not the same as Coronavirus diagnostic test. If you witnessed symptoms like difficulty in breathing, serious cough, high fever and loss of taste, Covid-19 antibody test may not actually be accurate in determining whether you have been infected. 

The test is meant for people who may have recovered from the virus or those who may no longer have the symptoms after having been exposed to the risk factors.

Coronavirus antibodies

Getting tested for Coronavirus is still a little bit difficult. This is due to the fact that the testing kits are not readily available. Yet getting a Coronavirus antibody test which is more available may not be harmful after all. Although, it may not be entirely reliable.

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