United States Set To Generate More Electricity From Renewables Than Coal

US electricity generation
United States electricity generation renewable resources source 2020

This year renewables are to be put to use in large commercial quantities in the United States. Finally, for the first time, the use of renewables for the generation of energy in the World Power is to overtake the use of coal for the same purpose

This would be a great and notable achievement as the country seeks cleaner ways of generating energy. It is all the more necessitated and driven by the current coronavirus pandemic. This information was made known by the Energy Information Administration.

With the report it can be seen that the pandemic has changed the general outlook of how the United States both generates and consumes its own energy. People are staying at home more;companies and businesses are closed temporarily with the effect that a reduction in the usage of electricity is feasible. 

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This would come with the effect that generation of energy would be reduced by 5%. What this also means is that the nation’s generation of energy by coal would go down by 25%. Hence, the use of coal to power energy will only make up 19% of overall energy supply hitting an all time low in 40 years. 

Conversely, the use of renewables for the generation of energy is expected to reach an all-time high in the United States. The EIA has already forecast this increase and staged it at an expected 11%. 

Renewables are equally gaining momentum because they are quite affordable and very environmentally friendly. Consequently, it is expected to contribute to the national energy grid with an amount higher than that of coal. 

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With this sudden drop in environmentally unfriendly energy, the emission of carbon is expectedly going to reduce considerably in the United States. Based on EIA projections, harmful energy emissions would experience the greatest single drop ever reaching 11 % this year.

Already, fossil fuels, including coal, were already declining in usage. Part of the reasons for the decline especially in the usage of coal over the years is due to the fact that it is no longer economically viable. Though it may not be environmentally friendly, natural gas was gradually taking the place of coal in energy supply.

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