United States To Cut Ties With WHO 2020

United States To Cut Ties With WHO

United States To Cut Ties With WHO

The United States of America has finally concluded plans to cut bilateral ties with the World Health Organization(WHO). This was announced by US president, Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, withdrawing support and funding from WHO would hamper global health efforts greatly.

While speaking to newsmen in a press conference, Donald Trump insisted that the US would cut every relationship with WHO. 

United States To Cut Ties With WHO

President Trump emphasized that the US believed that the World Health Organization has come under the total influence of China. While stressing that the decision which was hard to reach became inevitable, Mr Trump said the World Health was reluctant to act over the boiling issues. He also said the US had been in contact and made direct efforts to get WHO to act. Unfortunately, he noted that such efforts met no success.

No More US Financial Aid For WHO

It would be recalled that President Trump had earlier stopped every financial aid to the World Health. He claimed that the organization had cowered to pressures from China. He said the organization had relied on fake Chinese reports over the spread of the coronavirus. Donald Trump also expressed displeasure with World Health criticisms of travel bans.

United States To Cut Ties With WHO

Notwithstanding, breaking bilateral ties with the organization would be too much of a measure to adopt. This is because such measures experts believe would spell out danger to global health emergencies. The United States is said to contribute hundreds of millions to the continued existence of the organization. 

The director of the Center for Global Health Science and Security in Georgetown University, Rebecca Katz told news reporters that such matters should not even be discussed or deliberated. This is because, according to him, the US pulling away from WHO would have global negative impacts of unimaginable measure.

This action would also hinder quick responses to the current global health challenge. This is because the United States functions as the central coordinating body for the coronavirus pandemic global health aid. The US is also sponsoring clinical trials to provide drugs that could cure the disease. So. pulling away now would have catastrophic repercussions on global health emergencies. 

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