Vending machines selling nosemasks in Poland

vending machines

Vending machines selling nosemasks in Poland

The use of vending machines for the distribution of sanitizers, hand gloves and nose masks have become popular in Poland. Two of her biggest cities, including Warsaw, hy taken the lead in the use of the machine on the streets to distribute materials for the prevention of the coronavirus. This effort is well-appreciated by customers as it helps maintain social distancing during the lockdown.

The Polish Vending Association rolled out the initiative and have already installed two vending machines in the streets of Warsaw. Five have also been installed in Krakow. It is understood that dozens or even hundreds of other vending machines are expectedly going to be installed in the coming weeks.

Right from April 16th when the lockdown was extended, Poles have been directed to always wear nose masks and hang gloves in public. Lukasz Szumowski, the Health Minister, had pointed out that this was to curb the spread of the pandemic. 

vending machines

The masks being sold by the vending machines cost about 2.11 US dollars each.

Aleksander Wasik, who is the head of the Polish Vending Associations, expressed concerns over keeping the jobs of his employees even in the lockdown. He, therefore, used contacts available to him to ensure the installation of these vending machines. 

The head of the association lauded the efforts of the government in installing defending machines. This, he said, would not only act as protective equipment but also provide business for his employees. Meanwhile, the employees we’re already expressing concerns over going bankrupt.

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Customers happily patronized and welcomed the initiative. One of them, Pawel Kasprzycki, expressed happiness. He also said that the vending machines would receive larger crowds in the coming weeks.

Poland has reported more than 6000 cases of the coronavirus pandemic. There has also been a reported over 250 deaths since the pandemic started. This prompted the government to extend lockdown on schools. There has also been lockdown on rail as well as air transports.

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