Zoom Acquires Keybase To Boost Its Security

Zoom Acquires Keybase To Boost Its Security

Zoom has purchased a security and encryption service known as Keybase to provide additional security detail for your online presence. Zoom’s globally increasing video conferencing feature has been criticized over the weeks for serious security issues that makes the system prone to hackers and data thieves. 

This informed the need for the procurement which will add a team of security-based developers into the Zoom network. Max Krohn, the co-founder of Keybase is now expected to lead the team of Zoom security experts.

The expected focus of this team is to build powerful end-to-end encryption of messages and processes into the Zoom feature for video conferencing. This is expected to help breach the Zoom security leakage. It is reported that Zoom has been working round the clock to implement end-to-end encryption security features for it’s video conferencing which occurred to be encrypted, though it didn’t seem so. 


For these security breaches, Zoom which has become very popular has come under heavy criticism. It is not yet known when this new feature will be fully implemented. However, the company is planning to release a security design by the 22nd of May this year.

According to Zoom’s CEO, Eric S Yuan, the network has concluded plans to bring deep encryption and expertise in security into the system. 

In order to focus on its security challenges, Zoom had earlier announced a feature freeze last month. This new move has to a very large extent fulfilled its 90-day security advancement efforts.

It is well understood that Keybase will go a long way in enhancing security features for the Zoom network. However, it is not yet understood what the future holds for Keybase. 


The Zoom company has only announced that krohn would take over the security base of the network without leaving a hint on what Keybase could evolve into in the near future. 

All the same, in an email to The Verge news agency, a spokesman at the Zoom company said that the leaders of the two networks would meet to decide on the future of Keybase products. 

Based on reports from CNBC, Keybase will be incorporated into the Zoom network, somehow. This start up currently has a reported 25 employee-strength.

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