Zoom Disables Giphy From Its Features

Zoom Disables Giphy From Its Features

Zoom has temporarily disabled the gif sharing feature- Giphy- from its chat options. However, they said it was due to some ongoing improvements on security and technicality. Furthermore, they didn’t specify the kind of improvements being made. Nevertheless, they said the feature will be back after these improvement are completed.

This action was made known in one of their blog posts. They re-emphasized that the feature would be re-enabled the moment some crucial technical and security measures are completely put in place. That was the much they said concerning this new measure of theirs. Beyond that nothing is known regarding this removal. 

The company said they have adopted new security measures to better serve the platform. The disabling of the gif sharing platform integration into the network was part of these latest security updates. Also, the changes include screen sharing limits. 


Again, the muting and unmuting functions experienced some changes. Equally, some restrictions were implemented on logging in to meetings from more than one device. More especially for meetings that you have to register for.

These security measures are coming some days after Facebook bought Giphy over for $300 million. This measure became necessary after Facebook announced plans to integrate Giphy into Instagram. The gif sharing platform has embedded chips to track gifs that are shared from its network. This raises security concerns for Zoom. 

The Facebook acquisition of Giphy has left everyone in the shade on how it will affect the integration of the gif sharing platform with other social networks. This is worrisome as TikTok, iMessage and Twitter all have this GIF platform integrated into their networks. These networks are all strong competitors against Facebook itself. Also, Facebook is associated with a lot of security and privacy breaches.


However, the gif company claimed that, as at the time of its acquisition by Facebook, the network had no such tracking abilities. Also, they maintained that the platform didn’t use any tracking APIs. They insisted that they didn’t have access to user’s data. 

Nevertheless, Zoom and Giphy have not responded to any comments on this matter.

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